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Our P&C

Our P&C is a pro-active and positive group focused on supporting the learning and well-being of our students. Parents, teachers and community members come together to contribute to decisions about student welfare and curriculum, to raise funds for school improvements and additional resources and to develop and enhance positive and sustainable relationships with the wider community.

P&C members give their time voluntarily and all parents and community members are welcome to become involved, either as an official P&C member or an unofficial 'friend'.

The P&C meets regularly to enable open communications and timely decision making. Fund raising events are scheduled throughout each year, and the success of these relies heavily on our volunteers.

The P&C communicates with the wider school community through the school newsletter and website, posters in the school grounds, our Facebook page and our 'friends' email list. These communications feature forthcoming fundraising events and meetings and opportunities for the school community to provide support to our fundraising efforts. Our primary goal within the P&C is to support the learning and wellbeing of our students and we do so with pride and enthusiasm.

Our P&C contributes to many aspects of our school, funding classroom resources (eg. readers), playground equipment, gardens, sports equipment and uniforms, student travel assistance and music and arts programs. All aspects of our school needs our support and we appreciate all help given by our school community. By volunteering your time in the canteen (to return in Term 4), purchasing from our uniform shop, helping with stalls and supporting our fundraisers, we can all work together for the benefit of our children.

To join our P&C 'friends' list as a volunteer, email us at:

You can also join our Facebook group at:

All are welcome to our General Meetings, held Wednesday evening of Week 3 and Week 8 during school term at 6.30pm.  Meetings have now returned to our newly refurbished school staffroom. Details of the agenda are available in the school newsletter the Monday before each meeting.  Membership costs $1 and entitles you to voting privileges.Everyone is  welcome and encouraged to attend to contribute to general business discussions and ideas. 

Minutes from previous meetings

Meeting Minutes 06/09/2023

Meeting Minutes 02/08/2023

Meeting Minutes 14/06/2023

Meeting Minutes 10/05/2023

Meeting Minutes 15/03/2023

Annual General Meeting Minutes 15/03/2023

Independent Auditors Report March 2023

Canteen Financial Report 2022

Meeting Minutes 8/2/2023

Meeting Minutes 2/11/2022

Meeting Minutes 7/9/2022

Meeting Minutes 3/8/2022

Meeting Minutes 15/06/2022

Meeting Minutes 11/05/2022

AGM Meeting Minutes 11/05/2022

Meeting Minutes 19/02/2022

Meeting Minutes 20/10/2021

Meeting Minutes 1/9/2021

Meeting Minutes 28/7/2021

Meeting Minutes 9/6/2021

Meeting Minutes 5/5/2021

Meeting Minutes 10/02/2021

Meeting Minutes 28/10/20

Meeting Minutes 9/9/20

Meeting Minutes 5/8/20

AGM Minutes 17/06/20

Meeting Minutes 17/06/20

Meeting minutes 12/02/20

Meeting minutes 5/4/17 (pdf 92 KB)

Meeting minutes 8/3/17 (pdf 98 KB)

Minutes AGM 2017 (pdf 265 KB)

2016 auditors report (pdf 5542 KB)

2016 auditors report (pdf 5368 KB)

2016 auditors report (pdf 5563 KB)

2016 auditors report (pdf 5737 KB)

2016 auditors observations (pdf 28 KB)

MPS P&C Code of Conduct (pdf 4499 KB)

MPS P&C Constitution (pdf 2245 KB)

MPS P&C policies (pdf 40 KB)

P&C rules expenditure (pdf 76 KB)

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